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Children's Extensive Support

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The Children’s Extensive Support (CES) Waiver is designed for children, birth to 18 years, with life threatening medical conditions and/or significant behavior challenges. This is also known as the HCBS-CES waiver program.

Services and Supports


Services and supports available through the CES waiver include:

  • Respite care (individual, group, camp, day/overnight)

  • Community connection services

  • Professional services and therapies

  • Behavioral services

  • Home modification

  • Assistive technology

  • Medical equipment and supplies

Criteria for Eligibility 


To qualify for the CES waiver, the child must demonstrate a significant pattern of self-endangering behavior, aggression, constant vocalization (screaming, crying, laughing or verbal threats) or a medical condition that requires direct intervention, more intense than a verbal reminder or redirection. 


This must occur at least once every two hours during the day and a weekly average of once every three hours during the night.

  • Behavior or medical condition is harmful to self or others.

  • Behavior or medical condition is evidenced by actual events. 

  • The events occurred within the past six months.


The above conditions shall be evidenced by parent statement/data which is documented by written evidence that:

  • The child’s behavior(s) or medical need(s) have been demonstrated; or

  • It can be established that in the absence of existing intervention or prevention the intensity and frequency of the behavior or medical need would resume to a level that would meet the criteria listed above.


Evidence shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Medical records, professional evaluations and assessments, educational records, insurance claims, Behavior Pharmacology reports, police report, social services reports; or

  • Observation by a third party on a regular basis

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Learn More or Apply


If your child is currently receiving developmental disability services from RMHS, contact your service coordinator to learn more.


If you are not currently in RMHS services and your child is

  • Under 3 years old, contact our intake coordinators at (303) 247-8423.

  • Age 3 or older, contact our intake coordinators at (303) 636-5862.

  • Make a referral.

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