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DD Waiver Services

The Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver provides residential services for adults with developmental disabilities (such as Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy) who need extensive supports to live in the community, including access to 24-hour supervision.


In Colorado, there is a long waiting list for the DD Waiver (sometimes referred to as HCBS-DD), but we encourage you to apply to demonstrate the growing need for services.


The DD Waiver is designed for adults, 18 and older, who do not have other sources for meeting their needs to live safely in the community. Individuals may choose to live and receive services either:

  • In the family home, or

  • Outside the family home, such as a group home, host home or apartment setting


The level of supervision and support provided in each setting is based on individual need. The family or the service agency providing the home setting is responsible for living arrangements on behalf of the person receiving services.


Whether living within or outside the family home, individuals may choose to receive services from an approved service agency or from a family member under the Family Caregiver Act.


To refer an individual please place a referral on our website or contact our Referral Team at 303-636-5600.

Man with a disability leaning on a bench and smiling in an outdoor setting

Services and Supports


  • Access to supervision 24/7

  • Specialized habilitation

  • Supported community connections

  • Pre-vocational services

  • Residential habilitation (support with daily living needs)

  • Supported employment

  • Dental and vision services*

  • Non-medical transportation

  • Behavioral services*


* Services or goods marked with asterisk (*) must be provided by a professional and not by a family caregiver.

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