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Early Intervention

These are difficult times for all of us as we try to adjust our lives to lessen the spread of COVID-19. The coronavirus situation in Colorado has led to some changes in how we deliver services through the Early Intervention program at RMHS so that we remain open and operational. The agency’s goal from the beginning has been to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees and the children and families that we support. In accordance with guidance from public health authorities, we are doing as much of our work as possible electronically to decrease risk to clients, staff and the community. Our intake team is actively accepting referrals via phone, email, and fax and working with families to schedule evaluations using video conferencing. Our therapists and service coordinators are completing evaluations and meetings utilizing Telehealth to ensure that families receive the support and children get the services they need.

Mother holding a smiling baby

We Are with You Every Step of the Way

Having someone you can go to for questions and support is very important. At RMHS, our compassionate and professional service coordinators are committed to strong families and positive early learning experiences. Your Early Intervention service coordinator will

  • Develop and coordinate a plan of services

  • Monitor your baby’s progress

  • Help your child transition to preschool services at age three and/or connect you with other resources

Babies, birth to three, have a lot to learn, but not all babies are learning as well as they can. Services for very young children, from birth to the 3rd birthday, are called “Early Intervention”. Early Intervention is a great way to help babies catch up or work on specific skills.

The Path to Great Learning Experiences Starts Now

  • Early Intervention can reduce problems related to learning, behavior and health.

  • Starting early helps your child feel more confident and gets learning on track. Mastering basic skills is important for success in school and your child’s future.

  • Many children who receive early intervention do not need special education or other services later in life.


Early Intervention services focus on all of the basic and brand new skills that babies learn during the first three years of life.  Babies learn best in the home and that’s why services are usually provided in your home at a time that is convenient for you. We know your life is busy and we help you learn how fun, playful activities can help your baby develop important skills.

  • Communication: Helping your baby understand language, use words, speak clearly and follow simple requests or directions.

  • Motor/Physical: Learning skills such as reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking.

  • Social Emotional: Helping your baby feel secure and happy by offering ideas to decrease frustration and improve behavior.  

  • Thinking: Helping your toddler work on matching, pointing to pictures, playing and other age appropriate skills and concepts.

  • Self-Help: Beginning to learn self-care skills such as eating, dressing and toileting. The goal for your child is to begin to become more independent and master new skills.

Learn More or Refer a Child


Make a Referral: 

All Early Intervention Referrals should be submitted through the Early Intervention Colorado Online Referral Form: Early Intervention Colorado | Oec_eireferralform (


All EI In-State CCB transfers need to happen via the Transfer Button in Unicorn.  Any additional information and/or a transfer letter for those cases can be emailed directly to

Children 3 to 5 years old: Child Find Form 


Early Intervention Colorado

Denver Early Childhood Council

Find Trainings for EI Providers here

Metro Area Contacts for Early Intervention and Family Resources: Download a list of phone and fax numbers

For More Information:​


Information for RMHS EI Providers: Provider specific information can be found in the provider section of our website.

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