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Family Support Council

The Family Support Council (FSC) is a committee of volunteers that offers guidance and assistance in the policy direction of the Family Support program.

Membership Offers:

  • A network of knowledge and support

  • A chance to meet other people with similar life experiences

  • The opportunity to have a voice and to be a part of the decision-making process

Mother and daughter reading a book and smiling in an outdoor setting

What does the Family Support Council do?


The Family Support Council represents the families and customers who RMHS serves and helps to guide the direction that RMHS Family Support and its service providers take.


Why is the Family Support Council important, and why should I join?


The Family Support Council gives a voice to RMHS Family Support customers, ensuring that the program is responsive to the needs of the people and families we serve. Membership in the Family Support Council offers a network of knowledge and support. It is an opportunity to have a voice and to be a part of the decision-making process. It makes you stronger, empowering you to better help yourself and your family. 


Who can join?


RMHS customers, parents, guardians, service providers, professionals and community members are all encouraged to be a part of the council. If you have a family member who receives services from RMHS Family Support, you or your family member can join.


Learn more and become a member! Contact Paige Martin at or (303) 368-3821 or complete our nomination form.

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