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Do I need to be a Denver resident to be eligible for mill levy funding?

Yes, to be eligible for Denver mill levy funding and services, you must be a current Denver resident and have a documented intellectual or developmental disability. You may also request mill levy funding if you suspect you may have an intellectual or developmental disability but you need assistance for testing.

Do I need to receive services from RMHS to be eligible for mill levy funding?

No, to be eligible for Denver mill levy funding and services, you only need to be a current Denver resident and have a documented intellectual or developmental disability.

How can I confirm residency?

An individual is a Denver resident if he or she lives within the boundaries of the City and County of Denver. Your mailing address alone does not indicate whether you are a Denver resident. For example, you may be a Denver resident and have a Littleton address, or you may have a Denver address and be a resident of unincorporated Arapahoe County.

To determine whether you are a current Denver resident, use the online property record search on the Denver assessor’s website. If the Denver assessor has a record of the property where you live, you are eligible for mill levy funding. There are some exceptions to this definition. If you believe you are a Denver resident, but your address does not have a Denver property record, please contact your service coordinator or email us at

Am I eligible for mill levy funding if my day program is in Denver but I don’t actually live in Denver?

No. To be eligible, you must be a Denver resident.

Foster care, kinship care and residency?

If a child is in the custody of Denver Human Services, then he or she is eligible for mill levy-funded services, regardless of whether he or she is placed in foster home or kinship care in Denver.

Funding Availability

Can I receive mill levy funding to cover expenses related to the death of my family member with an intellectual or developmental disability (grief counseling, burial costs, etc.)?

Mill levy funding to help cover the costs of death-related expenses can be requested for as long as six months following the person’s death.

How do I apply for funding assistance?

If you receive service coordination from RMHS, please contact your service coordinator to submit an individual request. If you do not receive services from RMHS, please complete the Funding Assistance Request available on our website.

Are there any restrictions to what mill levy can fund?

Examples* of services and supports that are not covered include:

  • Temporary shelter
  • Travel
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Legal fees
  • Purchase of a vehicle
  • Non-essential furniture
  • Service or support available through another resource

*The list above do not include everything that may or may not be covered under the Client Assistance Program.

If you have questions about an individual request, email

Are there limits on the number of requests a person or family can make for funding assistance?

There’s no limit to the number of requests or dollar amount that a person or family can submit. Each situation will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine what will best meet the person’s or family’s needs.

Do I need to be designated as a nonprofit to request funding for a project?

No, the funding process for projects is open to individuals, nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses.

What documentation does RMHS need to process a request?

An invoice, flier or screenshot from a website showing item/service, cost, vendor name and client name (in the case of a invoice).

How long will it take for my request to be reviewed?

Requests are generally reviewed within a week. If it has been longer than a week since you made your request, please contact your service coordinator or

How will I receive payment for an approved request?

When possible, RMHS will pay for approved requests via check made out directly to the vendor or provider. Individuals and families can work with the service coordinator to mail the check to the individual’s or family’s home if that is preferred over mailing to the vendor or provider.

When a vendor or provider does not accept checks for payment, the service coordinator can assist in arranging for credit card payment.

RMHS does not reimburse individuals or families for previously incurred expenses. Regardless of method of payment, receipts for purchases must be submitted to RMHS as soon as possible after the purchase is made.

What should I do if I have a concern about my mill levy funding request?

RMHS encourages you to share your concern through its Client Assistance feedback process. Please contact RMHS at 303-636-5707 or An RMHS representative will contact you within 48 hours. Your feedback will enable us to continue to improve this important resource for you and other Denver residents.

Unmet Needs/Mill Levy Service Plans

What is the Unmet Needs Project?

This project enables individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to access additional services through a Mill Levy Service Plan beyond what is available through Medicaid or state funds. People with individual family service plans (IFSPs) for home and community-based services or developmental disabilities (COMP), supported-living services (SLS), children’s extensive services (CES), or early intervention (EI) may access additional mill levy-funded services

Do I need to receive case management from RMHS to receive a Mill Levy Service Plan?

No, the Unmet Needs Project is available to any person with a documented intellectual or developmental disability who resides in Denver. If your case management is provided by another CCB, your case manager can email us at to discuss your individual needs.

How do I become an approved Unmet Needs (Mill Levy Service Plan) provider?

You must be a Program-Approved Service Agency (PASA) and sign a contract with RMHS to provide mill levy-funded services in COMP, SLS and CES. To begin the contract process, please contact

Available Services and Projects

Where can I find information about available services and projects?

There is a variety of organizations providing services to individuals in Denver. See a current list of mill levy-funded services.

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