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Family Support Services

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The Family Support program is a state funded program that provides individualized supports and services to families who are caring for a family member with developmental delays/disabilities. Our Family Support Service Coordinators connect families with community resources, provide advocacy, and can offer financial support for identified needs which are beyond typical child rearing and daily living expenses.

Family Support Eligibility


Age 3 to 5:

Your child can receive Family Support services from RMHS if they:

  • Have a documented developmental delay upon exiting Early Intervention.

  • Are currently eligible for special education services through the school district.

  • Have a medical diagnosis known to result in developmental delays.


Age 5 and over:

  • The criteria for eligibility changes at 5 years of age.

  • To be eligible, your child must be determined to have a significant developmental disability.

  • As defined by the State of Colorado, this means your child has a documented neurological diagnosis  as well as an adaptive score and/or IQ score of 70 or below.



To refer a child please place a referral on our website or contact our Referral Team at 303-636-5862


Your Family Support service coordinator will

  • Connect your family to community resources

  • Advocate for you and your child

  • Provide information needed to navigate various systems

  • Offer support to you throughout the years

Funding for Families Most in Need


Family Support funding is determined by a child and family’s Most in Need assessment that is completed by our Family Support Service Coordinators. This program is intended to provide a variety of services and supports which are related to the person’s disability and are above and beyond typical child rearing or daily living expenses. 

Allowable Family Support Funding Categories Include:

  • Respite- This is funding to pay for a provider of your choice to care for the family member with a developmental disability to give the parent/legal guardian a break from care giving responsibilities.

  • Professional Services- This is funding/copays for therapies and other professional services provided by a certified or licensed professional that are not covered by insurance or Medicaid.

  • Medical/Dental- This is funding for out-of-pocket medical/dental expenses such as co-pays, deductibles and costs for uninsured care for the family member with a developmental disability.

  • Transportation- This is for the costs of a bus pass or mileage expense for the family vehicle for transportation needs related to your child’s medical or therapy needs.

  • Assistive Technology- This funding is for equipment/mobility aids that are not covered by insurance/Medicaid- such as wheelchairs, braces, adaptive equipment such as special beds, switches, tools or jigs, communication devices, glasses, hearing aids, special kitchen appliances, vehicle modifications to enable access by the family member with a developmental disability. The need for the equipment must be related to the person’s disability.

  • Home Modification- This is funding to adapt the home so that it is more accessible and/or safe for the family member with a developmental disability. It can also include repairs to the home caused by aggressive behaviors (not normal wear and tear). 

  • Parent/Sibling Support- This funding is for services to directly benefit the parents and/or siblings of the child/family member with a disability. The need for the service is related to the disability, such as a membership to a support organization, registration fees to conferences, counseling for parents/siblings.

  • Other- This is to be used for any services or items which may be provided for the person with the developmental disability which would not otherwise fall into the other categories. This may include services or items which are necessary as a result of the person’s disability, including physical, medical, educational or behavioral needs. Examples of Other expenses might include: special diets, specialized clothing, and development material.

Young girl with a disability smiling with pink glasses on

Family Support Council


A Family Support Council, composed primarily of parents who access the program, provides recommendations on the implementation of the program within Denver County. Learn more about the Family Support Council.

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