COVID-19 Housing Stability Fund

This fund is available to provide immediate assistance to persons with an intellectual or developmental disability or delay living in Denver access to funds to provide stable housing to keep individuals safe during a time of crisis in the community. 


The COVID-19 Housing Stability Fund is available to assist with: 

  • Rent or mortgage payments 

  • Relocation expenses within the City or County of Denver 

  • Temporary housing 

  • Utility payments 


To qualify you must: 

  • Be experiencing a challenge related to the COVID-19 crisis 


Qualified applicants will need to provide the following documentation: 


Rental Assistance 

  • Copy of current signed lease 

  • W-9 from current year 


Mortgage Assistance 

  • Documentation of mortgage amount from mortgage lender 


Relocation Expenses within the City or County of Denver 

  • Must provide the final invoice from the moving not an estimate 


Utility Assistance 

  • Billing statement with the following visible: 

  • Amount due 

  • Full name on account 

  • Complete address 


Please note: Payments for approved requests will be sent directly to entities (landlords, mortgage companies or utility companies), not to individuals/families and accurate mailing addresses for those entities will be required. 


Please complete the form below to begin the application process. 

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Rocky Mountain Human Services