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Human Rights Committee

What does the Human Rights Committee do?


The Human Rights Committee (HRC) meets regularly to review information and offer person-centered feedback and recommendations to help safeguard the legal rights of individuals receiving Home and Community-Based Services in the areas of:

  • Psychotropic medication use (Developmental Disability Waiver only)

  • Suspension (modification) of rights

  • Informed consent

  • Behavior development programs

  • Incidents of emergency control procedures and restrictive/safety control procedure plans

  • Investigation reports of mistreatment, abuse, neglect or exploitation

  • Experimental procedures


Who makes up the Human Rights Committee?


HRC members are volunteers who have backgrounds in behavioral health and advocacy, along with individuals receiving services or family-member representatives of individuals receiving services. HRC members are not current employees of RMHS or an associated PASA, and all current members receive training on the role of HRC, client rights and other applicable areas as needed.

For additional information please contact us at or 303-636-5774.

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