Introducing Developmental & Behavioral Health

Over the past year everyone at RMHS has been working diligently to streamline our processes, increase operational efficiency, and, most importantly, to continue to improve and build our services. For those of us in RMHS’ Child and Family Programs and Behavioral Health departments these efforts began to take shape in the fall with the separation of our Early Intervention and Family Support programs. This change, creating two distinct programs with separate staff and separate supervisory structures, allows our employees the opportunity to ensure a depth of knowledge and even to develop specialty areas within their program. Our managers and supervisors are focusing on developing and implementing quality assurance and quality improvement within their program areas.

Our next change was the integration of our Children’s Clinical and Behavioral Health programs. This consolidation increases our operational efficiency and, more importantly, allows us to better utilize staff expertise to prioritize the triage of challenging cases, and ensure that we are providing the highest quality of evidence-based and person- and family-centered services.

We have worked hard over the years to develop and ensure a close collaboration between all of our departments and professionals to provide high quality, diverse, and person-centered services for children, adults, and families. Not only will this continue we feel that these structural changes will enhance those efforts and improve the services that we provide.

To reflect these changes and provide a more accurate description of our department we are officially changing the name from Child and Family Programs to Developmental and Behavioral Health. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, person-centered, and family-focused diagnostic, treatment, and support services for infants, children, and adults whose everyday lives have been affected by developmental, behavioral, and/or psychiatric needs. This change will come with a new logo, but will not affect our services or change your existing service coordination or therapy providers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Early Intervention Program Manager, Beth Scully, at 303-636-5978, the Family Support Program Manager, Paige Martin, at 303-368-3821, or the Clinical Operations Manager, Anne Brettschneider, at 303-636-2138. You can also contact the Director of Developmental and Behavioral Health, Jodi Litfin, at 303-636-5979. We are excited to move forward and continue our growth and progress through 2017 and beyond!