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Supporting People with Disabilities from a First Responder and Law Enforcement Perspective

RMHS Partnered with Local Law Enforcement to Offer Free One-Day Course Melissa Emery (third from right), RMHS service coordination program manager, and Georgia Jolomi (second from left), RMHS trainer, shared their expertise in working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities alongside Denver law enforcement. Whitney Cobb’s 25-year-old son, Julian, is an installation artist who creates his work using small interesting things he finds. Sometimes, Julian sees something he likes, and he takes it without realizing he shouldn’t. Julian has obsessive tendencies secondary to autism and can have trouble controlling his impulses. One day, Julian ran out of a store clutching a

Teenager Receives Gift of Sight, Thanks in Part to RMHS Mill Levy Program

Gustavo Finally Saw His Mom's Face for First Time Gustavo Garcia wears eSight glasses paid for through the Rocky Mountain Human Services Mill Levy Program. Eighteen-year-old Gustavo Garcia may be legally blind, but that doesn’t mean he can’t see. With relatively new technology that appears to come straight from a sci-fi film, Gustavo can read and learn more easily in school, see the faces of his friends and family and so much more. “I can see almost like anyone else,” Gustavo said. The adaptive technology is a pair of digital glasses – eSight – designed to give the blind sight. The glasses cost between $6,000 and $10,000, but thanks to the Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) Mill Levy Progr

Creating a Community of Care for Parents

Unique Online Trainings, Funded in Part by Mill Levy, Give Parents and Caregivers Strategies for Supporting Children with I/DD Lisa Franklin (left), Parent to Parent of Colorado (P2P-CO) program manager, shares information about the program with colleagues at the Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) resource fair in spring of 2018. Lisa Franklin has been immersed in the intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) community for decades. She was a special education teacher for 34 years, has three children of her own with varying needs and serves as a caregiver for her grandchild – all while running the Parent to Parent of Colorado (P2P-CO) program through Ability Connection Colorado, an

RMHS Lanza un Programa para Ayudar en la Transición a la Comunidad a los Residentes de Colorado

El Programa de Especialista en Transición es Posible a Través de un Contrato con la Oficina de Salud Comportamental del Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Colorado. Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS), una organización sin fines de lucro con sede en Denver, ayudará a las personas con problemas de abuso de sustancias y de salud comportamental a hacer la transición de varias instalaciones de tratamiento a la comunidad a través del nuevo Programa de Especialistas En transición (TSP). El programa se financia a través de un contrato con la Oficina de Salud Comportamental del Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Colorado. TSP, que se creó como resultado del Proyecto de Ley del Senado de Colorad

Rocky Mountain Human Services Launches Program to Help Coloradans

Transition Specialist Program Is Possible Through Contract with Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS), a Denver-based nonprofit, will help people with substance use and behavioral health disorders to transition from various treatment facilities into the community through the new Transition Specialist Program (TSP). The program is funded through a contract with the Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Behavioral Health. TSP, which was created as a result of Colorado Senate Bill 18-270, is focused on assisting individuals who have consistent contact with crisis services, such as acute treatment centers or crisis ser

Nuevo Centro para la Comunidad con Autismo Abrirá en Mayo

La Tienda de la Comunidad con Autismo Expande su Alcance, en Parte, Gracias, al Financiamiento de Denver Mill Levy para AAIDD La co-fundadora de la Tienda de la Comunidad con Autismo, Shannon Sullivan, se encuentra en medio de las renovaciones de la nueva ubicación de la tienda, en donde está previsto que abra el Centro de la Comunidad con Autismo en mayo. La Tienda de la Comunidad con Autismo es una de solo dos tiendas minoristas en el país con el único propósito de servir a la comunidad con autismo, dijo la co-fundadora Shannon Sullivan. Ahora, la tienda se muda a una ubicación más grande, que expandirá su oferta para ayudar aún a más individuos con autismo y a sus familias. La expansión e

El Evento Enseña a los Equipos de Intervención Inmediata, Agencias del Orden Público sobre AAIDD

RMHS, junto con la DPD, el Fiscal de la Ciudad y el Fiscal del Distrito, Están Organizando el Curso de un Día Si la víctima de un crimen tiene una discapacidad intelectual o del desarrollo (AAIDD), es importante que las agencias de orden público y los equipos de intervención inmediata sepan cómo comunicarse con él o ella desde la escena del crimen hasta el tribunal. El conocimiento es crítico para un enjuiciamiento exitoso. El Departamento de Policía de Denver, la Oficina del Fiscal de la Ciudad de Denver, la Oficina del Fiscal del Distrito de Denver, los Servicios Humanos de Rocky Mountain (RMHS) y el Consejo Municipal del Distrito de Colorado, están organizando un taller para paramédicos,

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