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Landlord Finds Stability Leasing to Veterans in Colorado Springs

Landlord who leases to a veteran struggling to pay rent receives financial stability through the Pikes Peak Veterans Housing Fund. Clark Brewer, a landlord in Colorado Springs, did not want to evict his tenant. The U.S. military veteran who rented from him was a good guy, but just didn’t quite have the wherewithal to make his rent. Enter the Homes for All Veterans (HAV) program at Rocky Mountain Human Services. Alison Gerbig, HAV program manager, connected Brewer to the Pikes Peak Veteran Housing Fund (PPVHF), a community program created to increase housing stability for vulnerable veterans experiencing homelessness and are struggling to obtain safe, stable housing. By offering incentives, d

Easterseals Colorado Increases Employment Opportunities for People with I/DD

In its second year, the Easterseals Colorado Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment pilot project helps people with I/DD find opportunities for employment. The key to helping people living with I/DD find lasting employment opportunities is to provide the fully integrated supports—such has housing, transportation, behavioral rehabilitation, mental health, and benefits counseling—while closely matching what employers are looking for with the skills, abilities and aspirations of those job seekers. That’s the successful formula that Easterseals Colorado (ESC), in its second year as a Denver mill levy-funded initiative through Rocky Mountain Human Services, uses in its work.

Rocky Mountain Human Services Welcomes Amy Becerra to the Leadership Team

Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) is excited to welcome Amy Becerra as Mill Levy Director. Ms. Becerra comes to RMHS from the State of Colorado where she had been serving as the Community Services Director for the Division of Regional Center Operations. Ms. Becerra brings a wealth of strategic planning, process improvement and leadership experience to the role and will be a wonderful addition to the mill levy team. Ms. Becerra’s career has been focused on Medicaid Waiver Services including community-centered board operations in Colorado. Consistently focused on quality assurance, she has extensive experience overseeing complex budgets, contracts and programs. Her creativity and knowledge

A Necessary Shift to Telehealth Brings Continuity to Children’s Services

Children’s Clinical Services offers assessments through telehealth to maintain necessary services for children in Denver Long before COVID-19, the Children’s Clinical team at Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) knew that telehealth was a necessary piece of the puzzle for children in need of services and supports. The team anticipated the need for virtual services for families and worked to ensure telehealth was an option in their toolbox. When stay-at-home orders were put in place as a result of the pandemic, the foresight and planning done by the team allowed them to continue offering assessments and services using telehealth with a minimal amount of disruption to families. The RMHS Childr

RMHS Mill Levy Program: Path Plan Helps Transitioning Student Plan Future

RMHS utilizes Denver Mill Levy property tax funds to support transitioning student’s plan for future. As a parent, preparing for your child’s future can be stressful especially if he or she deals with an intellectual or developmental disability (I/DD). For Gabriele, mother of Tristan who is on the autism spectrum, the thought of creating a detailed and focused plan for her son’s post school future seemed daunting and very difficult until she met Lori Parker and Ruth Newell. Ruth and Lori are both facilitators for PATHs to PossAbilities, an organization that helps individuals and businesses reach their desired future through person-centered planning. They both have experience raising children

Único Punto de Entrada: Una Oportunidad Única para la Atención a Largo Plazo

Nos complace informarle que a Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) se le ha adjudicado un contrato estatal para llevar a cabo un programa de unos 11.000 clientes en un área metropolitana de Denver de cinco condados que les bridará una oportunidad única para la atención a largo plazo. El programa, llamado Único Punto de Entrada o SEP (siglas en inglés), nos permite darle información, radiografías, exámenes, y remisiones, a la gente que apoyamos; para una variedad de diferentes servicios de cuidado a largo plazo. El SEP va de la mano perfectamente con nuestra misión, los pilares claves que son nuestras metas de facilitar el acceso, celebrar la individualidad e unir comunidades. El trabajo que

Celebrando el Aniversario de Un Año del Programa de Especialista en Transición

Rocky Mountain Human Services, celebro este mes el primer año de trabajo de su innovador Programa Especializado en Transición, el cual ayuda a las personas con la transición desde los programas de tratamiento de uso de sustancias y comportamiento hacia la comunidad. TSP es financiada a través de un contrato con el Departamento de Servicios Humanos de Colorado, Oficina de Salud Conductual, y tiene 11 especialistas en transición y cuatro mentores. Los especialistas en transición trabajan como coordinadores de casos, ayudando a los clientes a través de los servicios de crisis. Normalmente, son los primeros a los que llaman. Los mentores, quienes tienen experiencia personal con la recuperación,

Actualización Sobre el COVID-19

Rocky Mountain Human Services se ha movido rápidamente para adaptar su prestación de servicios ante la pandemia del COVID-19, asegurándose de que las personas que apoyamos, continúen recibiendo los servicios que necesitan. RMHS está abierto y apoyando activamente a las personas en nuestras comunidades como siempre lo hemos hecho, sin embargo, podría parecer un poco diferente en estos días. Nuestro personal ágil, están haciendo su trabajo de forma remota, interactuando con los clientes a través de teleconferencias y telesalud. El edificio principal está temporalmente cerrado al público, pero está abierto para una buena parte del personal autorizado que se dedica a funciones esenciales. Estamo

Creando Conexiones a Distancia: Las Iniciativas Financiadas por Mill Levy Cambian al Aprendizaje a D

Como muchos otros negocios y programas, Jovial Concepts se enfrentó a algunas dificultades cuando inició la crisis del COVID-19 en Colorado. Jovial, quienes cultivan habilidades de vida y trabajo a través de un programa de jardinería, cambiaron rápidamente para mantener seguros a los participantes, al asegurar el distanciamiento social y tomando otras previsiones, incluyendo herramientas de saneamiento. Jovial es uno de los muchos programas financiados a través de RMHS con dólares de Denver Mill Levy que ha conseguido otras formas de continuar prestando sus servicios durante estos tiempos difíciles. Jovial, tiene como objetivo proporcionar capacitación laboral, cultivando habilidades de vida

Single Entry Point: A One-Stop Opportunity for Long-Term Care

We are excited to tell you that Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) has been awarded a state contract to run a program for about 11,000 clients in a five-county metro Denver area that will provide them a one-stop opportunity for long-term care. The program, called the Single Entry Point, or SEP, allows us to give people we support information, screenings, assessments and referrals for a variety of different long term care services. The SEP aligns perfectly with our mission, the key pillars of which are our goals of simplifying access, celebrating individuality and bridging communities. The work, which will begin July 1, is outlined in a $13 million annual contract that designates RMHS to be

Creating Connections from a Distance: Mill Levy-Funded Initiatives Shift to Distance Learning

Like so many businesses and programs, Jovial Concepts found itself faced with some difficult challenges when the COVID-19 crisis emerged in Colorado. Jovial, which cultivates life and work skills through garden-based programming, quickly pivoted to keep participants safe by ensuring they were socially distant and took other precautions, including sanitizing tools. Jovial is one of the many programs funded through RMHS with Denver mill levy dollars that is finding ways to continue to deliver services during these challenging times. Jovial aims to provide job training while cultivating life and work skills for transitioning students through gardening and cooking. The nonprofit manages 67 garde

COVID-19 Update

Rocky Mountain Human Services has moved quickly to adapt its service delivery in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that the people we support continue to get the services they need. RMHS is open for business and actively supporting individuals in our communities as we always have, however it might look a little different these days. Our agile staff is doing its work remotely, interacting with clients via teleconferencing and telehealth. The main building is temporarily closed to the public but is open to a handful of authorized staff engaged in essential functions. We are working closely with regulators and Denver Human Services staff as we all do our very best to meet changing nee

Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of the Transition Specialist Program

Rocky Mountain Human Services this month celebrated the first year of work for its innovative Transition Specialist Program, which helps people make the transition from behavioral health and substance use treatment programs into the community. TSP is funded through a contract with the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health and has 11 transition specialists and four peer bridgers. Transition specialists work as case managers, supporting clients through crisis services. Typically, they are the first to be called. Peer bridgers, who have lived experience with recovery, are available for clients who may want or need additional support. Staff work closely with individu

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