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Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) provides mill levy funding for organizations that provide unique services and resources to Denver residents.


The following is a list of current services and resources:

  • Ability Connection Colorado: Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP): Offers career-based mentoring, job resources, connections and skills training. The RAMP intensive program is specifically geared toward I/DD and foster care youth in the city and county of Denver. RAMP work is based on an evidence-based model that focuses on goal setting, education, mental health and social supports through a setting of career exploration and jobs. Available for ages 13 to 25. Contact Tracie Hammons for more information.

  • Access Gallery: Offers studio and digital arts programs for artists with I/DD. Artists are introduced to an extensive array of art media platforms, including nontraditional materials and methods, and can explore a variety of work options in the arts, learn workplace skills and earn an income via art sales. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Cris Ciani for more information.

  • Activity Options: Project World: Facilitates access to diverse community and social activities as well as overnight travel. Past activities have included attending local sporting events and concerts. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Peggy Berry at 303-358-2592.

  • Anchor Center Family Respite Care Program: Offers families the opportunity to enjoy a short break from their many caregiving duties, all while feeling confident that their child with special needs is being well-cared for by skilled and trained staff members, volunteers and students from the Denver School of Nursing. During each five-hour session, children may participate in structured games, arts/crafts, snack making, outdoor play and fun sensory activities, such as playing musical instruments and dancing. Currently not accepting referrals.

  • Art Garage: Higher Visions in Education (HVE) & Family Friendly Programs: The HVE (Higher Visions in Education) project is designed specifically to work with young adults with Down syndrome on issues and “stories” that are determined by the students and informed by their own experiences and interests. Each student will engage in small groups for all stages of the project, such as sorting color spectrums, deciding on storylines with appropriate images, placement of images with corresponding tiles, and tactile activities, such as placement of shapes within configurations and adhering materials to panels. Available for ages 18 to 38. Family Friendly Programs are focused on “arts-based learning,’ exploring an issue or theme, discussing aspects that relate to personal identity, encouraging social-emotional communication through group dynamics and listening to the “unspoken” language that each student conveys. Available for ages 2 to 18 with their parent or caregiver. Contact Emily vonSwearingen at 720-633-5779.

  • Autism Community Store: Autism Community Center: Offers a safe, friendly, inclusive space that is welcoming to people of all abilities and offers education, support and recreational opportunities to individuals with I/DD and their families. Available for all ages. Contact Shannon Sullivan for more information.

  • Celebrate EDU Supported Entrepreneur Programs: Offers training for teachers and staff to facilitate entrepreneur education programs for individuals with I/DD and a free Discovering Entrepreneurship course, which teaches people about self-employment, their personal strengths, ways to create a support network, how to set goals and the importance of self-awareness and self-advocacy. Available for ages 15 to 40. Contact Linda Anderson for more information.

  • Colorado Cross Disability Coalition (CCDC) Probate Power: Probate Power focuses primarily on special needs planning for individuals and families with disabilities, but also assists with all other aspects of estate planning and probate administration. Services include, but are not limited to, preparing simple and complex wills, revocable living trusts, special needs trusts, financial power of attorney documents, uncontested guardianships/conservatorships, ABLE accounts, and advanced medical directives. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Christopher Brock at 720-279-8233 for more information.

  • Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities (CFPD): Homelessness Initiative: Providing advocacy, case management and system navigation for those who have I/DD and are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, in order to connect them to permanent housing, appropriate disability-specific services and community. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Arnie Swenson for more information.

  • Connect Us: Social Inclusion Project: Offering age-based play groups, inclusive recess facilitation, parent support and summer camp. Available for ages 3 to 13. Contact Stephanie Schiff for more information.

  • Easterseals Colorado: Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment Pilot: Offers a pilot that adapts current Individual Placement and Supports best practices to meet the needs of individuals with I/DD. Easterseals Colorado will document systems gaps and the difference between existing employment services available through the DD waivers and DVR and the IPS model. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Carla Lopez at 303-233-1666 ext. 230 for more information.

  • Financial Health Institute: ResourceAbility Program: Providing educational courses to individuals and their support systems on how to manage finances and resources, gain awareness of how financial stress affects well-being, reduce financially related stress and improve health. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Michael Kilgore for more information.

  • Firefly Autism: First Responder Training: Offers first responders and law enforcement professionals training on what autism is, what signs to look for and how to tell the difference between an individual with autism and an individual under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering substances. Currently not accepting referrals.

  • Guided by Humanity Yoga: Provides inclusive and accessible yoga classes within the community, on-site day program classes, private classes and a Nutritional Healthy Living Workshop. Available for ages 3 to 6 with a caregiver and 18 and up. Contact Mary Sims for more information.

  • Honeyman Services, LLC.: Ride-Share Education Program: Offers a ride-share education program to teach Denver residents with I/DD how to access ride-share services to assist them with their daily transportation needs. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Dave Honeyman at 303-523-6350 for more information.

  • Jewish Family Services/SHALOM Denver: Arts and Community Exploration (ACE): Offers vibrant and creative art projects, group and individual music therapy, cultural and holiday explorations, and recreation. Empowers individuals to choose volunteering and participating at local art galleries/studios, museums, nature walks, recreation centers and citywide adventures. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Heather Dawson for more information.

  • Laradon Hall: Behavioral Services: Offers community-based and in-home behavioral counseling and consultation, staff and family behavioral training, behavioral advocacy and behavioral crisis intervention. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Edward Hubbard at 720-974-6883 for more information.

  • Parent to Parent of Colorado: Mile High Connections Matter! Connecting Parents to Information, Training & Emotional Support: Parents of sons and daughters with disabilities receive information and emotional support through a unique program that connects them to a trained Support Parent through Parent to Parent of Colorado. Contact Lisa Franklin for more information.

  • Pizzability: Provides jobs for adults with developmental disabilities as craft brewers, bartenders, culinary pizza chefs and line cooks, social media and marketing professionals, hosts/hostesses/servers and back-of-house workers (busing, inventory, ordering, stocking and cleaning). Available for ages 21 and up. Contact Tiffany Fixter for more information.

  • REVEL: Mentor Program: REVEL provides mentors who are energetic, positive role models who help provide guidance and a fun time. Mentors are the heart of our community by inspiring the group to try new adventures and build meaningful relationships. Available for ages 14 and up. Contact Stephanie Hill at 720-207-7166 for more information.

  • Rise School LEAP Preschool Framework and Music Therapy: Offers LEAP Preschool Framework learning activities that are selected based on the needs, interests and developmental levels of individual children within the classrooms. An integrated curriculum approach (i.e., designing learning experiences that promote children’s skill development across multiple domains) is used to provide opportunities related to all areas of development. Also offers music therapy, using music to engage children, and embed opportunities to work on their developmental goals, including motor, social-emotional, cognitive and speech-language goals.  Contact Meghan Klassen at 303-756-7473 for more information.

  • T.A.C.T.: Providing educational opportunities for credit to increase abilities and independence. Includes woodworking program, automotive repair, computer repair, summer camps, and a workshop training series. Available for ages 5 to 21. Contact Amanda Therrien at 303-295-0163 for more information.

  • Tennyson Center for Children: ASPEN and BRANCH Programs: An Adaptive Skills for People with Emotional Needs (ASPEN) classroom, which provides a wide range of differentiated educational and supportive services to promote student academic achievement and social skill development. Behavior Resources and Adaptive Needs in the Community and Home (BRANCH) focuses on children struggling with intensive behavioral issues due to mild to moderate autism spectrum disorder (ASD), dual-diagnoses with ASD or other undiagnosed behavioral conditions. Services are provided in a variety of settings in the home, school and community.  Available for ages 5 to 18. Contact Lindsey Abdullah at 720-418-9922 for more information.

  • Thrive Autism Collaborative: Parent ESDM Group Coaching Model: The parent-mediated Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM) is an evidence-based early intervention program for young children with identified developmental delays and/or risk for ASD or diagnosed with ASD. Available for parents with children ages 6 months to 3 years. Contact Diane Osaki at 303-886-2227 for more information.

  • THRIVE Center: Project Independence and REDEEM: Project Independence offers training, advising and resources for parents of children with I/DD and students with disabilities to support their ability to advocate for their needs, become knowledgeable on how to access educational support and services that meet their unique needs, and become aware of community resources. Available for ages 14 to 21. REDEEM offers staff and a cadre of volunteers of men from the African American community to unite to help boys who have I/DD who are at risk of being victims of the system. Redeem will provide activities that are culturally applicable to black boys and their disabilities. Available for ages 5 to 21. Contact Yvette Burkhalter at 303-632-6840 for more information.

  • The Wayfaring Band: All-inclusive, multi-day trip packages that focus on getting participants off the beaten path. In addition to road trips and far-flung adventure travel, The Wayfaring Band offers leadership development programming, community education workshops and advocacy. Available for ages 18 and up. Contact Kendall Hagar for more information.

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