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If you are not currently receiving any Medicaid waiver services, contact our intake coordinators at 303-636-5862 or intakereferrals@rmhumanservices.org.


If you are currently receiving Medicaid waiver services and would like more information about services offered by Life Skills & Supports, contact us at 303-636-5940 or


Life Skills & Support offer family-centered and community-based services customized to your personal needs and interests.


We offer:


Our Nursing services are delivered by highly skilled staff who monitor the overall health and well-being of the people who choose our services.

Our Nursing Services include:

  • Observation and wellness visits scheduled at a frequency and tailored to meet each person’s individual medical needs.

  • Individualized training for our Residential Specialists and Providers on people’s needs including care plans, medications, g-tubes, and other medical devices.

  • Connecting people to healthcare resources by assisting with locating and choosing healthcare providers in the community. Developing care plans following physician and therapist recommendations.

  • Assistance with obtaining needed medical supplies and durable medical equipment.

Family Caregiver Services


The Family Caregiver Act, implemented in 2010, allows a person currently funded by the HCBS-DD (Comprehensive) Waiver to receive these services in a residence of their choice by a family member of their choice. We can support your family in this unique and creative role by:

  • Assisting with the transition from providing non-paid support to paid support for your family member.

  • Offering support and training regarding the rules and regulations associated with providing services under the HCBS-DD Waiver.

  • Providing information and support with representative payee services, Social Security and Medicaid eligibility, and locating other professional services that accept Medicaid.

  • Providing access to highly qualified respite providers who can step in and provide care for your family member when needed.

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Supported Residential Services


Our Supported Residential Services focus on enhancing independence and quality of life by providing support to people living in his or her own home or apartment. Our flexible services:

  • Provide support levels tailored to meet the individual needs of the person.

  • Are easily modified to meet changing abilities, interests, choices, and needs of people choosing our services.

  • Provide assistance in locating an apartment, moving, and ongoing support with property management.

  • Are delivered by highly skilled staff who teach and support people with independent and healthy living skills such as money management, shopping, and meal preparation.

  • Promote community involvement and social enrichment based on individual interests.

  • Offer help accessing transportation and navigating the RTD and Access-a-Ride systems.

  • Promote and teach home safety skills.

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Host Home Services


Our independent contractors provide services tailored to meet individual needs while fully integrating the person into the life of their household and the greater community. Host Home Services offers:

  • Ensuring safety while providing personalized services in a natural home setting.

  • A high degree of independence and close supervision for health, safety, and guidance.

  • The freedom and opportunity to achieve more personal goals.

  • Host Home Providers who are thoroughly screened for qualifications, including undergoing a background check, receive a wide array of extensive, ongoing training, and receive ongoing evaluation and support.

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Representative Payee Services


We offer representative payee services and money management support to individuals who need assistance managing their personal finances and budget. We have 18 years of proven experience and have been approved by the Social Security Administration to collect a fee for these services. Our services offer:

  • A high level of quality. As a fee for service rep payee, we are subject to frequent audits by the Social Security Administration which we consistently complete with no critical recommendations.

  • A collaborative effort, we want to get to know you – your interests, needs, and goals.

  • A budget that ensures your basic and current needs for housing, food, clothing, hygiene items, and medical care are paid first.

  • We will also help you save for other things such as household, recreational, or hobby related items.

  • Strategies to help you to increase your money management skills and support you in making responsible choices.

  • Support with the management of their wages, when needed or requested.

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