Dob and Debbie Bennett

The history of Operation TBI Freedom begins with a story on National Public Radio five years ago.

The story was about a woman’s difficulties getting treatment for her husband, a soldier who had sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while serving in Iraq.  Dob Bennett happened to be listening, and the story struck a chord.  “I was deeply troubled by the thought that our nation was sending its soldiers into battle, but we were not providing them with all the support they needed when they returned,” said Bennett.

The result: Operation TBI Freedom, a free statewide program helping military personnel and their families recover from the often devastating effects of a traumatic brain injury.   Bennett provided a generous gift to implement the program, and his generosity has continued throughout the more than four-year history of this program, allowing OTF’s Military Support Specialists to positively impact the lives of  700 men and women who have served our nation with courage, honor and dedication.  

“Our armed forces risk all for our country.  It has been my privilege to support these heroes,” asserts Dob.

Dob Bennett