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Play and Learn Library

Rocky Mountain Human Services Play & Learn Library makes learning fun! Our Play & Learn Library has toys, assistive technology, adaptive equipment, books and DVDs to help children with developmental delays or disabilities improve their communication, social skills, mobility, daily living skills, cognitive functioning and more. 


Items available for loan include: 

  • Balls for balance and eye-hand coordination

  • Pretend play to encourage learning

  • Musical toys for learning cause and effect concepts

  • Books for information and for fun

  • Switch toys to encourage the love of learning through play

  • Walkers and positioning seats

  • Communication boards

  • Switch-controlled toys

  • GPS tracking units

  • Weighted vests and blankets 

  • And more 

Therapist and child on therapy swing

Checking out Items from the Library 

Therapists working with families in RMHS’ Early Intervention program may check out items from the library to supplement their work with our clients. Read our procedures for using the Play & Learn Library.


Families enrolled in RMHS’ other Child & Family Programs who are interested in accessing items in the library should contact their RMHS service coordinator for more information. 


Therapists: Request an Item Now

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