Service Coordination

Our Service Coordination team at Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) connects children and adults with developmental disabilities (such as autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and fragile X syndrome) to the support they need to maintain physical and mental health, participate in community activities and increase daily living skills.
RMHS Service Coordination will help you or your family member:
  • Understand what services are available and help you determine if you qualify for developmental disability services;
  • Enroll in the available waiver or state-funded program that is right for you;
  • Determine the right combination of care, activities and support  needed to live a better life through comprehensive and periodic assessments a; 
  • Develop a service plan and assist you in finding providers and meeting your goals for educational, mental health, emotional, social and medical services;
  • Ensure your health, safety and other needs
  • are met and your rights are respected; and 
  • By monitoring the service plan for effectiveness and satisfaction.
What Programs Are Available?
RMHS Service Coordination helps you access waiver programs that are a part of Medicaid. These waivers are funded by the federal and state governments and are often referred to as Home and Community Based Services, or HCBS. State-funded services are available on an emergency basis for those without Medicaid.
The programs available are:
How Do I Know If I Qualify?
If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be able to receive support through RMHS Service Coordination.
  • Have you ever received services from Rocky Mountain Human Services?
  • Have you ever received services from an agency that helps people with developmental or intellectual disabilities?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a developmental disability? (for example: autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc.) 
  • Were you in Special Ed in school and/or have you ever had IQ testing completed?

Resources for Intellectual and Adaptive Behavior Testing

​*If your child is currently enrolled in school, please contact your child's teacher for testing.

  • University of Denver, Graduate School of Professional Psychology Department (offers a sliding fee scale) (303-871-3626)
  • Developmental Disability Consultants (303-337-2210)
  • University of Colorado at Denver (303-556-4372)
  • Lifelong Adult Education  (303-573-0839)
  • National Jewish Hospital (303) 398-1139
  • Sewall Child Development Center (303) 399-1800
  • The Children’s Hospital (720) 777-1234
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (303) 866-4150
  • Denver Health Psychological Testing & Neuropsychology Services (303) 436-6342

​Application Information

We will assist you in the application process for a developmental disability determination. Each waiver program has additional eligibility requirements. You will need to complete the Request for Developmental Disability Determination (the form is available to download or can be completed online), the RMHS Intake Packet (RMHS Paquete de Admisión), and the Release of Information Form. Application forms are available in Spanish, please email for additional information.
Call us at (303) 636-5862 for help in determining if you qualify and for more details on which waiver program best fits your needs.