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Phishing Email Scams

Learn how to detect and report suspicious email that appears to be from an RMHS employee. If you encounter a suspicious email, don’t respond, click on any links or open any attachments.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is usually a two-part scam involving an email message containing links to a fraudulent website that requests sensitive information, such as username, password and account details. Once obtained, your personal information can be used to access your account.

How to Recognize Phishing Email

Phishing emails are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to distinguish from legitimate emails. By impersonating a reputable company’s communications, these emails tend to use clever and compelling language, such as an urgent need for you to update your information or communicate with you for your security. To spot a phishing email, look for a combination of red flags.

In this example, notice:

  • The contact name is not Shari Repinski. It's "Contact Repinski."

  • The email address is not, the sender's actual email address.

  • The signature is also incorrect.

In this example, taken from an iPhone, notice:

  • There is urgency in the subject line, intended to make the reader worry and ignore the other warning signs.

  • The RMHS logo has been cleverly copied, but the signature is empty.

  • There are several strange grammar mistakes, as though the email was poorly translated.

If You Responded

If you clicked on a link, opened an attachment or provided personal information, contact is immediately at 256-907-8050 or

Example of a phishing email
Example of a phishing email on a cell phone
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