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Mill Levy Dollars Help with an Emergency

We’ve all had those times when everything is going just fine, and then something happens, and then something else happens… and we’re suddenly struggling to figure out what to do next. “Bob” is a man with a developmental disability who is going through the process of getting enrolled in services for his disability. When his mom moved into a retirement home, Bob was left to fend for himself, and he was able to manage that until an injury caused him to lose his job. Bouncing between family and friends worked for a while, and then last week he called RMHS to say that on the following day he would have no place to sleep at night. He was afraid to stay in a homeless shelter, fearing he could fall victim to mistreatment or exploitation due to this intellectual disability. Thanks to Denver’s mill levy property tax, Bob’s service coordinator was able to find a temporary safe place for him to stay – enough time to finish the enrollment process and develop a plan to ensure his safety.

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