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RMHS Announces 2019 Mill Levy-Funded Initiatives

Program Supports External Organizations Dedicated to Providing Unique Services to Denver Residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) is excited to announce the 2019 organizations receiving mill levy funding to provide unique services to Denver residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). For the 2019 project cycle, RMHS is providing $3.1M of mill levy funding for 28 projects offered by 24 organizations including 12 new projects.

RMHS receives a portion of property tax revenue, or mill levy funding, from Denver Human Services to support individual needs, enhance RMHS programs and provide funding to people, organizations and businesses that have unique programs for Denver residents with I/DD. This is part of RMHS’ commitment to supporting a strong community of services and supports for people with I/DD. These external initiatives facilitate access and choice and increase the options for Denver residents with I/DD and their families to achieve their goals.

The RMHS Community Advisory Council identified five distinct priorities before RMHS made the request for 2019 proposals. The areas are housing stability and access, behavioral health, training and education, transportation and recreation. The Council also established the process for applying and evaluating the proposals and provided input on the selection of the final funding recipients based on their five identified priorities.

RMHS also identified seven priority areas for the initiatives which are complementary to the Community Advisory Council priorities. They are basic needs/ environmental supports, behavioral/mental health, client education and increasing independence, medical and dental needs, social/recreational needs, training and support and system gaps. The initiatives are varied in their targeted age groups and audiences, but share key details; they are free and designed to benefit thousands of Denver residents with I/DD.

The 28 initiatives funded during the 2019 project cycle are:

For more information about the RMHS Mill Levy Program and the mill levy funded initiatives, visit

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