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RMHS Unveils New Mission and Strategic Plan

Organization to Focus on Strengthening Services and Continuing as Statewide Innovator in Human Services

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Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) has released its new mission and strategic plan, after gathering feedback from its Board of Directors and staff, as well as the community.

The new mission reads:

We embrace the power of community to support individuals and families in creating their future. We do this by simplifying access, celebrating individuality and bridging communities.

This mission builds upon the history of RMHS as an innovator in human services and guides the organization as it grows statewide. RMHS was first established in 1992 to provide high-quality case management services to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in Denver. Over the years, the organization has built on this expertise and expanded its reach.

Today, RMHS staff all over Colorado provide personalized case management and compassionate direct services for children and adults with I/DD and their families; military veterans and their families who are experiencing homeless or at risk of homelessness; and people transitioning from inpatient mental health or substance use treatment facilities to the community. Staff surround each child, adult and family with the personalized resources and services they need to achieve their goals.

“As a result of our growth, we need a mission and strategic plan that matches our vision for the future,” said RMHS Executive Director Shari Repinski. “As a result of the work we did this fall to identify our strengths and where we want to grow, we have a renewed direction and a better sense of how RMHS can best serve Coloradans with diverse needs.”

“Setting Communities in Motion” is the theme of the strategic plan that will guide the actions of RMHS for the next few years. The plan is based on the realization that the world is changing rapidly and that delivering services in that complex environment requires a different thinking about the work that we do. The plan will help RMHS to stay ahead of industry changes and be prepared for opportunities by building capacity internally.

“The changes in our industry come quickly and require that we remain nimble,” Repinski said. “We will seek ways to increase our abilities to meet tomorrow’s demand for our services.”

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