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RMHS is Seeking Feedback from People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their Fami

RMHS is working with Health Management Associates to distribute an anonymous satisfaction survey to people receiving services.

Illustration of a speech bubble asking for feedback

A few months ago, we were about to launch a satisfaction survey, and then COVID-19 disrupted our plans. We’re back on it!

Meeting the needs and wishes of people being supported and families is a top priority for RMHS. That’s why we’re working with Health Management Associates (HMA) on this survey. We want to know what we’re doing right, and what we can be doing better. We also want to know how COVID-19 is affecting you. Surveys are anonymous, and survey responses will go directly to HMA.

Our mission statement says: We embrace the power of community to support individuals and families in creating their future. Those last three words are key: creating their future. You know best. You know what your needs are. You know what you wish for. Our job is to partner with you on a path to the future of your choosing.

You’re the people who can tell us that. With about 7,000 clients today, we recognize that it isn’t realistic to survey everyone, but we are working to make sure everyone who wants to complete a survey can do so. Many of you will be getting a survey by email or first-class mail in the next few weeks. If you do not receive a request to participate and would like to, please email Ann Erickson at or call her at 303.842.3604.

In a few months, watch for information in this newsletter as we report back to you on what we learned, and what changes are occurring so that we can be the very best partner we can be to each of our clients.

Your vision for the future drives us.

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