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RMHS Working to Ensure a Smooth Transition of Single Entry Point Services

Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) prepares for the Single Entry Point (SEP) program that begins next month.

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Rocky Mountain Human Services is working diligently with key stakeholders to begin the Single Entry Point program on July 1 – a single access or entry point for certain Medicaid-eligible people.

The SEP provides people with information, screenings, assessments and referrals for a variety of long-term care services. RMHS will provide case management to more than 10,000 Medicaid recipients who need long term services and supports. The SEP serves the elderly, persons with disabilities, persons with mental health needs, persons with brain and spinal cord injuries, children with life-limiting illness and children with physical disabilities.

In preparation for the transition, RMHS is working closely with the Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing (HCPF) and the current SEP contract holder Colorado Access to ensure a smooth transition.

Consistency in Services

“Our goal really is to create a seamless transition with minimal disruption to member services,” said Amanda Lighthiser, Deputy Program Officer at RMHS. “We’re hoping all the steps we have taken over the last several months will have us well prepared to start providing services July 1.”

RMHS has taken the following steps to support the transition of services including:

  • RMHS has met and will continue to meet with SEP professionals, experts and advisors to gain more perspective on the SEP program and in creating information for stakeholders. This includes The Resource Exchange and the Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition who have offered RMHS input and advice in crafting information to share and in making the transition.

  • RMHS has met with each county served in the SEP contract to start establishing strong working relationships that will be helpful in addressing any eligibility issues that arise. This has also been helpful for RMHS to determine what processes must be in place and what systems are needed to share information easily.

  • RMHS is forming an advisory group for the program in order to provide the most efficient services through the SEP. Continued stakeholder engagement is critical and RMHS is committed to continuing to engage with the community.

  • RMHS hosted four town hall meetings this month, addressing the questions and concerns of community advocates, providers, referral sources and new employees who will staff the program.

Experienced Staff

In addition, RMHS hired more than 120 staff from the current contract holder Colorado Access, including three program managers who are helping RMHS prepare to begin the work of serving people who need services the SEP offers. These experienced professionals are vital to the successful integration of the SEP. RMHS is working to keep the same case managers for people but cannot guarantee they will be the same.

Our SEP Management team is working together to integrate SEP program into RMHS.

SEP Management Team

Our Deputy Program Officer Amanda Lighthiser previously worked at RMHS for 10 years. She left to join the Colorado Department of Human Services and now is back at RMHS as the Deputy Program Officer, providing leadership for case management services for people in Medicaid and state-funded programs.

Melissa Emery is the Associate Director of the SEP. Emery has been with RMHS for 13 years, and has deep experience in case management for adults with I/DD. She brings extensive knowledge of case management practices and statewide systems that support people through long-term services and supports.

Louis Jaime is the SEP Program Manager for the intake department. Jaime has 9 years of experience focused on intake processes for the SEP.

Jun Murai is the SEP Program Manager for ongoing services. He has 21 years of experience in the SEP, 18 of those years as a supervisor for ongoing case management services.

Kathy Capell is the newest addition to the group and will work as SEP Program Manager at RMHS. Capell has 8 years of experience working in SEP services, and brings knowledge and expertise about intake processes that will carry over into ongoing case management services.

Referral Process

RMHS is working closely with Colorado Access to promote a smooth transition that has included the transfer of data, communicating to stakeholders and ensuring referrals are addressed in a timely manner. The referral process will primarily stay the same, RMHS will respond to referrals in the prescribed time frames outlined by regulations. Beginning July 1, all referrals should be submitted to RMHS.

We have several methods to accept referrals. The easiest and preferred method is to use the RMHS website. Referrals can also be sent through email and you can call the RMHS phone number to discuss any possible referrals.

Contact information:



Phone number: 844-790-RMHS

Please continue to send referrals to and work with Colorado Access prior to July 1. We begin taking all SEP related services on July 1. If you have any questions or concerns email

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