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RMHS is Committed to Antiracism

Illustration of diverse hands

Rocky Mountain Human Services is dedicated to the belief that every individual deserves respect and the support they need to live the lives they envision for themselves in their community of choice.

As an organization that provides supports to thousands of persons across Colorado, the impacts and outcomes of systemic racism are fundamentally at odds with our beliefs and our purpose.

RMHS is working with a consultant to engage in staff trainings and set organizational goals to move us toward becoming an actively antiracist organization. The RMHS Board of Directors, which met this month, passed a resolution supporting this work.

Confronting the racial inequality that has oppressed Black people is inherently consistent with our mission and beliefs. We stand with the Black community, and will work in solidarity in the fight against systemic discrimination and racism.

We commit to engaging in the introspection and work that is necessary to become an actively anti-racist, fully inclusive organization. 

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