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Get learning with REVEL!

RMHS community partner rolls out enhanced summer programs

REVELers exploring the local art in RiNo also known as Five Points. From left to right: Conor S., Dianna R., Brian M., Eva M., Noemi C., Ben G., and Ashley S.
REVELers exploring the local art in RiNo neighborhood in Downtown Denver. From left to right: Conor S., Dianna R., Brian M., Eva M., Noemi C., Ben G., and Ashley S.

Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) prides itself on the innovative services we can offer to people we support, and the funding partnerships we’ve forged with some really creative community groups.

REVEL, which focuses on teens and adults on the autism spectrum, is one of those valued partners. We were excited to learn about some new programs REVEL is rolling out this summer that focus on building social connections and experiential learning.

REVEL helps people connect, and strives to provide opportunities that fight potential isolation, depression, unemployment and risk factors related to quality of life.

The organization is among two dozen RMHS supports with mill levy dollars, which is a property tax dedicated to services for intellectually and developmentally disabled people that Denver taxpayers voted to approve in 2003.

Starting June 1, REVEL is offering two summer program that offers people ages 14 and older with an I/DD the opportunity to connect and build skills through two programs: Gear Up and the Social Lounge.

  • Gear Up: The Gear Up program uses experiential learning to teach social relationships, employment, exploration of new interests, health and wellness, and daily living skills. Behavior interventionists and trained peer mentors will teach in small group settings.

  • Social Lounge: On Thursdays, Revel’s Social Lounge will include variety of presentations by local partner organizations including themed parties. On Fridays, REVEL partners with Colorado Adventure Point and other local organizations, to focus on different camping skills such as cooking outdoors, wilderness safety, pitching a tent and packing a backpack for hiking. Then the group heads out for a day full of adventure and exploration

The two summer programs will provide an opportunity for participants to connect with peers and mentors and build skills while having fun. Both programs will begin this summer and will last year-round.

At the heart of the program is the relationships formed through REVEL’s comprehensive mentorship program. The program encourages teens and young adults of all abilities to foster mutually beneficial, meaningful friendships with individuals with autism and related disorders while learning valuable life skills.

“All mentors have the opportunity to create a lasting connection that powerfully and positively shapes our REVELer’s identities and helps them develop a thriving mindset,” said Ashley McDonald, a programs supervisor at Revel.

Families can apply for the REVEL summer programs by visiting:, click on Contact, scroll down to the bottom, and submit an inquiry request. If you would like to become a mentor apply at or reach out to mentor recruitment coordinator Gabby at

To learn more about mill levy community initiatives at RMHS visit

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