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TACT: “The Dad Teaching Trades to the Autism Community”

The Facebook show “Returning the Favor” features TACT founder

Danny Combs

It was supposed to be a surprise, and it was.

A few weeks ago, dozens of people surreptitiously gathered in a parking lot outside the headquarters of TACT, a Denver trade and technical school for people on the autism spectrum.

Danny Combs from TACT smiling at the camera

Their mission was to help surprise Danny Combs, the organization’s founder, with the revelation that the cameras that had been on site were actually there to record a tribute to his work to be aired on “Returning the Favor,” a Facebook WATCH show.

Mission accomplished.

RMHS, which supports TACT with Denver Mill Levy funding, had representatives among the crowd to celebrate the work of TACT.  “Returning the Favor,” hosted by Mike Rowe, released the full video about Danny’s journey in creating and running TACT on Sept. 22.  Danny was inspired to start TACT by his son, who is on the autism spectrum.

“Returning the Favor” travels the country in search of remarkable people making a difference in their communities. 

TACT is the only trade and technical school training designed for individuals on the autism spectrum. The Denver Mill Levy-funded initiative has opened many doors for employment opportunities in the trade field. 

Learn about the amazing journey of TACT and its founder Danny at

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