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Winter Packages Filled With Care

RMHS sends winter packages to hundreds over the winter months.

Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) this winter sent about 1,000 winter care packages to people who needed warm hats, socks and other items.

Using dollars raised through Colorado Gives Day, as well as Mill Levy funding for eligible individuals, RMHS made this extra effort to ensure people supported had the gear and items they needed to stay warm during our Colorado winter.

Galina Clark sitting in a cafeteria.
Galina Clark enjoying ice cream.

“I use the supplies I received every day,” said Galina Clark.

Clark received the ‘All Bundled up’ winter package from the Mill Levy program at RMHS that included an InstaPot, cookbook, space heater, humidifier, heated blanket, foot warmer and more.

Mill Levy sent 746 packages to 515 people living in Denver. Mill Levy provides support to Denver residents with an I/DD through a mill levy property tax that Denver residents approved in 2003. The packages aimed to help those folks be comfortable and as engaged as possible.

Galina, who has an I/DD, began a new hobby over the winter months prompted by the items she received in her care package. Her favorite item was the InstaPot and cookbook. She experimented and made one of her favorite desserts Crème Brulee, an Indian dish with curry, and Pasta Bolognese that she loved!

Pasta Bolognese that Galina Clark made in the InstaPot she received in her winter package.
Pasta Bolognese that Galina Clark made in the InstaPot she received in her winter package.

“With day programs, community activities, and so many of the comforts we all enjoy typically, being shut down or operating under heavy restrictions, we set out to bring a little bit of joy to people,” said Aaron Allen, Mill Levy Program Development Specialist.

A large part of the focus of the Mill Levy winter packages, was to provide people with items that people would typically enjoy, but that are not funded through any other means. These can be items that improve the quality of life for people supported, but often are not seen as ‘necessities.’

People who received winter packages from Mill Levy chose among three different winter packages.

Colorado Gives Day

In a related effort, RMHS used funding from Colorado Gives Day to provide people with winter necessities to stay warm.

RMHS sent winter packages to people served in all of the programs which came from funding that was donated during Colorado Gives Day, an annual day of giving through an online tool created to support nonprofits and donors interested in building thriving communities.

“The challenges posed by a global pandemic increased the needs of the people we support,” said Alicia Caldwell, RMHS Director of Communications and Outreach and organizer of the fundraising efforts. “We targeted our Colorado Gives Day fundraising campaign to raise money to help people with this specific need.”

RMHS was able to support around 400 packages using funds received from 2020 Colorado Gives Day. The packages included hats, mittens, neck gaiters and socks.

Thanks to funding provided by Denver taxpayers and Colorado Gives Day donors, hundreds of people received packages to keep their bodies and heart warm during isolating and difficult times.

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