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Eligibility & Referrals

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Program Eligibility


  1. Potential clients shall meet the eligibility requirements listed in both a) and b) below, and currently be receiving treatment in an Emergency Department, Hospital, Acute Treatment Unit, Crisis Stabilization Unit or Withdrawal Management:  

     a) Have a significant mental health or substance use disorder as evidenced by:

  • Currently on a 72-hour mental health hold

  • Currently on a certification for short-term treatment or extended short-term treatment

  • Currently on a certification for long-term treatments

  • Currently on an emergency commitment (substance use disorders)

  • Currently on an involuntary commitment (substance use disorders)

  • Currently receiving voluntary treatment for a mental health or substance use disorder

     b) Is not currently engaged in consistent behavioral health treatment:

  • The individual is not currently enrolled or is unable to consistently connect with and/or access a community-based behavioral health service provider

Submit completed forms vis email to

Call 303-636-5766 if you have any questions.

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