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Donate to the Rocky Mountain Human Services JumpStart Fund

Donations to RMHS are directed to our JumpStart fund, a life-changing resource that ensures the everyday needs of people we support are met.


The JumpStart fund was created in 1993 to support the unique needs of people that we were unable to meet in any other way. Before the fund was created, our service coordinators often found themselves “passing the hat”, asking for emergency contributions from RMHS employees to assist those families with desperate and immediate needs. After some time, the organization decided to formalize this grassroots initiative in an effort to make these funds accessible to every individual supported by RMHS. 

By donating to the RMHS JumpStart Fund you provide:

  • Rent

  • Food

  • New beds/cribs

  • New coats

  • And so much more!


The fund was born from the generosity and commitment of RMHS employees, and today, it continues to thrive because of the continued contributions of staff and community members alike.


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