Services for Children and Adults

RMHS supports children and adults through several person-centered services and programs.

Children and Adults with Disabilities and Long-Term Care Needs

Connecting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) or physical disabilities (including aging adults, traumatic brain, or spinal cord injuries) in Denver and Adams Counties with long-term support to continue living at home or within a community of choice.

Community Transitions for Children and Adults

Helping children and adults safely transition from inpatient behavioral health, substance use, or criminal justice settings back into the community.

Children and Adults with Crisis Mental Health Needs

Providing accessible and timely crisis mental health care for Denver residents with I/DD.

Denver Residents with I/DD Experiencing Housing Instabililty

Helping eligible Denver-area residents with I/DD who are struggling with housing instability to obtain appropriate disability benefits and services and connecting them with the resources and support they need to safely thrive.


Helping veterans struggling with housing instability to find safe and permanent housing, accessible healthcare, and legal counsel in Colorado.


Providing families who are caring for a child with I/DD from ages 3 through 18 with the support they need to grow and thrive both at home and in the community.

Extra Support for Denver Residents with I/DD

Supporting the lives of Denver residents with I/DD by connecting them with the services and community resources that are just right for them.