Frequently Asked Questions

Denver County Mill Levy

Support and Volunteering

How can I get involved with RMHS?

We greatly appreciate support from the community, and there are many opportunities for you to get involved. You can submit your contact information using our contact form and indicate your interests; one of our staff members will follow up with you. You can also make a big difference in the lives of the individuals and families we serve by making a donation.

Service Explanations

What is a Community Centered Board (CCB)?

A Community Centered Board (CCB) is a nonprofit organization providing services to persons with developmental disabilities. The State contracts with twenty Community Centered Boards to deliver community-based services. RMHS is the designated CCB for Denver County. To see all CCBs in the state of Colorado, please visit the Colorado Dept. of Health Care Policy & Financing's list at

Who is a client's main contact at RMHS?

Every individual eligible for our services has a designated employee contact who helps people to plan services and connect to services in their community. Depending on the program you are eligible for, that person may have a different title. To find out who your RMHS contact is, call us at (303) 636-5600, and we will help you find out who that person is.

Customer Service

How do RMHS' clients address concerns?

We are continually striving to improve our services and we welcome your feedback and concerns. Please reach out to your usual RMHS employee contact or feel free to contact our Communications & Outreach Program Manager at (303) 636-5968. Each department has a specific grievance policy, view our contact page for information on others at RMHS who will be able to help address your specific concern. Professional advocates not affiliated with RMHS are also available for our clients. Advocacy Denver: (303) 831-7733 Colorado Cross Disability Coalition: (303) 839-1775 Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People: (303) 722-0300


Funding and Costs

How does RMHS spend its funding?

Rocky Mountain Human Services publishes financial statements, reports on expenditures of Mill Levy funding and annual reports on our website under the Financial Information section. For a paper copy of any of these reports, please call Bridget Forgy at (303) 636-5787. Rocky Mountain Human Services’ budget is approved by a volunteer group of citizens serving as Rocky Mountain Human Services’ Board of Directors. Questions about our expenditures can be directed to John Wetherington, Chief Financial Officer at (303) 636-5787.

Privacy Concerns

How is my information kept confidential?

Rocky Mountain Human Services maintains strict confidentiality of all client records in accordance with HIPAA regulations. We are reviewed by the State regularly to ensure we maintain confidentiality. For details, please review our privacy policy.