Individual Requests for Supports and Services


The Rocky Mountain Human Service (RMHS) Client Assistance Program is a mill levy-funded resource for Denver residents with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Residents and their families can request services and supports that meet their individual needs. All requests must meet certain requirements, such as ensuring other resources do not exist. 


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Examples* of services and supports that can be requested include:

  • Adaptive equipment    

  • Durable medical equipment    

  • Dental and medical costs        

  • Evaluations and assessments   

  • Recreation and exercise           

  • Caregiver/parent training

  • Car seats         

  • Safety items    

  • Cribs/beds      


Examples* of services and supports that are not covered include:         

  • Legal fees        

  • Purchase of a vehicle  

  • Service or support available through another resource            


*The lists above do not include everything that may or may not be covered under the Client Assistance Program.


Make a Request

  • If you have an RMHS service coordinator, contact him or her to submit your request.

  • If you do not have an RMHS service coordinator, complete the online Funding Assistance Request form.

  • Once a request is submitted you will be notified and will receive information regarding when a decision will be made.

  • Once the request is approved or denied, you will be notified by email or phone. If your request is denied, you will receive written notification that includes information on who to contact to further discuss the denial.

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