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Mill Levy Support Plan

Mill Levy Support Plans provide services and supports that are unfunded or underfunded by Medicaid or other resources. The Mill Levy Support Plan is a standard package of items and services so that an individual request is not needed. The offerings vary depending on the age of the individual. Some examples* of offerings are below:

Ages 0-3:

  • Beds

  • Child safety items

  • Music class

Ages 3-18:

  • Beds

  • Music class

  • Sensory Items

Ages 18+:

  • Services that are unfunded or underfunded by Medicaid

  • Massage Therapy

  • Personal Care

*The lists above do not include everything that may or may not be available. 


To request assistance:

If you have an RMHS service coordinator, contact him or her to get started. If you are not currently supported by RMHS, get started by clicking the button below:


If you are a PASA interested in offering Mill Levy Support Plan services to Denver residents, please contact


If you have concerns about your mill levy request for services and support, please review our mill levy complaint process

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