CFPD and RMHS Announce Transition of Mission Supports Program

October 10, 2023


Jon Pushkin, Pushkin PR



Emily Brager, CFPD COO

(303) 476-6314

Denver, CO – (October 10, 2023) – Taking proactive steps to address Denver’s homelessness crisis, the Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities (CFPD) and Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) agreed to transition the Mission Supports program, a unique, long-standing resource for unhoused individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), from CFPD to RMHS. This transition is reflective of both organizations’ collective commitment to providing comprehensive support for Denver residents and unhoused individuals with I/DD.

It is estimated that 20% of the homeless population in Denver may qualify for I/DD services. Mission Supports is uniquely positioned to identify these individuals and connect them with vital services. Through support from CFPD, Mission Supports has played a crucial role in helping hundreds of individuals navigate the eligibility process required to access Colorado’s Home and Community-Based programs and the wraparound services available through RMHS.

“Since 2017, CFPD has provided commitment and support, while serving as the incubator for the Mission Supports Program; the model and its success is one we are very proud of. CFPD is pleased that the Mission Supports’ program will continue to address and support the alarming needs of the unhoused with the expansion of services at RMHS,” said CFPD Executive Director Megan Brand.
“The Mission Supports program has helped over 250 Denver County participants obtain appropriate disability benefits and services, a primary care physician, legal assistance or guardianship when needed, and available permanent housing. Thanks to CFPD’s knowledge and experience, Mission Supports will bring to RMHS a unique understanding of the Social Security system and partnerships we’ve developed with law enforcement, first responders, and homelessness resources.” said Director of Mission Supports Arnie Swenson.
CFPD, widely respected for its fiduciary services, acknowledges the critical need to focus on its core expertise, a consideration that helped to drive the decision to transfer Mission Supports to an organization where its impact can be further fostered and expanded. RMHS, an organization with a longstanding history of connecting individuals with disabilities with the right supports and services to live the lives they envision for themselves in their community of choice, was the best and most natural home for the Mission Supports program.

“We are thrilled to help CFPD transition Mission Supports to RMHS, a significant step towards addressing the pressing issue of homelessness in Denver for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said RMHS Executive Director Shari Repinski. “By combining Mission Supports’ specialized expertise with RMHS’ resources and long-standing commitment to the Denver community, we aim to make an even greater impact on the lives of those facing the challenges of homelessness by connecting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the resources they need to safely thrive.”

The long-standing collaboration between CFPD and RMHS is strengthened by their shared emphasis on Mission Supports’ ongoing efforts to address the homelessness epidemic in Denver. By strategically aligning the program’s unique expertise with RMHS’ resources and administrative support, both organizations can better leverage their respective and shared expertise to make an even greater impact on the lives of those with I/DD and struggling with homelessness.

CFPD and RMHS extend their gratitude to the dedicated staff and allies who have played an instrumental role in the success of the Mission Supports program under CFPD’s guidance. Arnie Swenson, Director of Mission Supports, remains dedicated to the program and will continue to lead its effort as the program transitions to its new home at RMHS.