RMHS Remains Committed to 2020’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resolution

January 15, 2024

History of RMHS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Resolution:

In 2020, the RMHS Board of Directors boldly denounced racism and discrimination in all forms. That is when RMHS’ official journey toward becoming an anti-racist organization was set in motion. Since then, RMHS welcomed a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager to guide our DEI efforts, supported the creation of a DEI council comprised of RMHS staff to ensure diverse voices throughout the organization have influential impact in the DEI work we pursue, established organization-wide cultural competency trainings that are mandatory for all staff, integrated ongoing opportunities for continued learning and education through internal events, guest speakers, and so much more.

Thank you to the RMHS Board of Directors for setting our DEI journey in motion, to RMHS leadership for their commitment to the Board’s Resolution, and to all RMHS staff for breathing life into the significant change we have undergone as an organization.

RMHS Board of Directors’ DEI Resolution

WHEREAS, the purpose of Rocky Mountain Human Services is expressed in its mission:

We embrace the power of community to help individuals and families in creating their future.

WHEREAS, Rocky Mountain Human Services aspires to uphold its values each and every day:

Respect Every Person

Act with Integrity

Be Courageous

Seek Excellence

Be Dynamic

WHEREAS, we as individuals and a Board of Directors are deeply troubled by racial injustice suffered by Black people as a result of systemic racism; and

WHEREAS, we believe that those who remain silent are complicit in the continuation of injustice; and

WHEREAS, the impacts and outcomes of systemic racism are fundamentally at odds with the beliefs that guide Rocky Mountain Human Services and this Board, and confronting racial inequity and oppression is inherently consistent with Rocky Mountain Human Services’ purpose, values and beliefs; and

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Rocky Mountain Human Services Board of Directors that:

• We stand behind Rocky Mountain Human Services’ commitment to solidarity in the fight against systemic racism and discrimination.

• We commit to acting with courage as we work to change the negative impacts of race and racism.

• We commit to supporting Rocky Mountain Human Services in its efforts to become an actively anti-racist organization and will hold leadership accountable in becoming such