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Our Services

Assessment/Evaluations, Consultation, Interventions, and Autism Spectrum Program


It can be confusing and stressful struggling with multiple diagnoses, behavior challenges, or complex medical needs. We can help!

The Children's Clinical Services Team has expertise in evaluating and treating:

  • Autism spectrum disorders - psychology

  • Communication delays or disorders - speech

  • Neuro-motor delays or disorders - occupational/physical

  • Social-emotional development and behavioral challenges - psychology/BCBA

  • Sensory processing differences - speech

  • Cognitive development - psychology

  • Infants born preterm or with other medical conditions transferring from the NICU to home

Young boy in wheelchair building colorful blocks during therapy session with male therapist smiling
Yound girl with autism smiling

Interventions can be provided in our clinic, at home, at daycare, or in other appropriate settings. We identify specific interventions and develop a plan with you to meet complex needs:

  • Therapy for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health conditions.

  • Autism-specific interventions based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and developmental theory (Early Start Denver Model/ESDM).

  • Individual speech, occupational and physical therapy

  • Intervention for disruptive behavior disorders

  • Social skills groups for children and adolescents

  • Couples and family therapy and support for families of children with developmental disorders

  • Consultation and training for schools and agencies serving children with Autism and developmental disorders

Our RMHS team of experts offers evidence-based, individualized assessment for families and professionals seeking a comprehensive evaluation or a second opinion for children with complex developmental needs or when there are concerns about autism. Services include:

  • Assistive Technology

  • Support for transition out of Early Intervention at age 3

  • Physical Therapy

  • Health Services

  • Vision Services

  • Audiology Services

  • Psychological Services

  • Developmental Intervention

  • Speech Language Therapy

  • Social/Emotional Intervention

  • Nutrition Services

  • Occupational Therapy

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