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Services for Children and Adolescents

Comprehensive assessment, consultation and intervention services for people from birth to age 18.

Services for children from birth to age 18 who have life-threatening medical conditions and/or significant behavior challenges.

Services for infants and toddlers with delays or disabilities with a focus on the basic and new skills that babies learn during the first three years of life.

State-funded individualized support and services to families who are caring for a family member with developmental disabilities.

RMHS provides a one-stop opportunity for long term care including screenings, assessments, referrals and case management.

Services for children and adolescents to support the transition from a mental health institute or hospital to a community setting.

Infant in diaper laying on blue blanket smiling up at woman
Young boy in wheelchair smiling and holding hands with caregiver who is a young woman

The Denver START Program is an innovative program intended to help people who have both I/DD and mental needs.

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