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Supportive Care at Home

Nurses at Rocky Mountain Human Services support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can continue to live at home

Many adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) want the freedom to live in their own home, but need some extra help to make it a reality.

The Life Skills and Support (LSS) program at Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) engages an attentive team of nurses, family care givers and host home providers to make that desire a reality.

People in the program live with either a contracted host home provider or family care giver who provide hands-on assistance when needed. Nurses play a vital role by assisting providers with medical care in clients’ homes, and each nurse in the program is specifically trained in providing care to individuals with an I/DD, behavioral health challenges, dual diagnoses and medical needs.

“We work with each person in the program to monitor their medication regimen and attendance to therapy sessions by encouraging them to be an active part of their treatment,” said Terri Jackson, Health Services manager, and registered nurse.

At least once a quarter, nurses meet with supported individuals along with family care givers and host home providers in the LSS Program and remain available when unexpected needs arise. Nurses oversee each person’s medical paperwork, prescriptions and doctor’s notes to ensure all medical needs are being met.

“All of us really have a passion for our customers, we really believe that this is an underserved population,” said Terri. “We contribute to their wellbeing to allow them to stay in their family home or host home.”

Nurses are available to provide essential support when individuals are sick, need assistance with new medication, and answer questions. Nurses provide training to family caregivers and host home providers to properly administer medication, perform routine medical tasks and identify more urgent medical needs. And they create a support team, including those cared for, host home providers and family care givers.

Nurses in the LSS program take a whole-person approach to providing care by also paying special attention the mental health of their patients. They work directly with families, outside psychiatric service providers and therapists to help support a healthy body and mind.

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