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Individual Requests for Supports and Services

Residents and their families can request services and supports that meet their individual needs. All requests must meet certain requirements, such as ensuring other resources do not exist.  


Make a request:

To access contact your Service Coordinator with RMHS or complete us the button below: 



Individual Request:

Examples* of services and supports that can be requested include: 

  • Adaptive equipment     

  • Durable medical equipment     

  • Dental and medical costs         

  • Evaluations and assessments    

  • Recreation and exercise            

  • Caregiver/parent training 

  • Safety items     

  • Sensory items

  • Service or support that isn’t fully covered by another resource       


Examples* of services and supports that are not covered include:         ​ 

  • Legal fees         

  • Purchase of a vehicle   

  • Service or support available through another resource             


*The lists above do not include everything that may or may not be available. 

Smiling man with a disability

Housing Stability Requests

Persons with an intellectual or developmental disability or delay living in the City and County of Denver can request assistance with housing related needs to keep individuals safe. 


Housing Stability includes: 

  • Rent or mortgage payments 

  • Relocation expenses within the City or County of Denver 

  • Temporary housing 

  • Utility payments 


Qualified applicants will need to provide the following documentation: 


Rental Assistance 

  • Copy of current signed lease 

  • W-9 from current year 


Mortgage Assistance 

  • Documentation of mortgage amount from mortgage lender 


Relocation Expenses within the City and County of Denver 

  • Must provide the final invoice from the moving not an estimate 


Utility Assistance 

  • Billing statement with the following visible: 

  • Amount due and month all charges occurred during

  • Full name on account 

  • Complete address 


Please note: Payments for Individual and Housing requests will be made out to entities (landlords, therapy provider, testing center, retailer), not to individuals/families. 


If you have concerns about your mill levy request for services and support, please review our mill levy complaint process

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