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Single Entry Point: A One-Stop Opportunity for Long-Term Care

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We are excited to tell you that Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) has been awarded a state contract to run a program for about 11,000 clients in a five-county metro Denver area that will provide them a one-stop opportunity for long-term care.

The program, called the Single Entry Point, or SEP, allows us to give people we support information, screenings, assessments and referrals for a variety of different long term care services. The SEP aligns perfectly with our mission, the key pillars of which are our goals of simplifying access, celebrating individuality and bridging communities.

The work, which will begin July 1, is outlined in a $13 million annual contract that designates RMHS to be the SEP for Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas and Elbert counties.

The work fits us perfectly not only because it is aligned with our vision, but because of the expertise our employees bring to work every day. From a practical standpoint, it is similar in many ways to the work we already do and the systems we have in place.

The SEP provides case management for the following Home and Community Based Services waiver populations:

  • Children with life-limiting illness

  • Elderly, blind and disabled

  • Community mental health supports

  • Persons with brain injuries

  • Persons with spinal cord injuries

The SEP contract will add approximately 180 staff to RMHS, and we are working hard to reconfigure our space and employee work schedules to accommodate them. The interview process is in full swing, and includes many employees who work for the current contract holder, Colorado Access.

We are looking forward to launching this new phase of our work and serve even more Coloradans who need support. For more information about the SEP, please visit our web site at

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