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Early Intervention Providers

Welcome to the RMHS Early Intervention Providers (independent contractors and agencies) resources page! On this page you will find resources for the Early Intervention program including manuals,  templates, forms, and training materials.

If you are a caregiver interested in learning more about Early Intervention, please visit the family side of our website here: Early Intervention | Denver | Rocky Mountain Human Services

Application Forms for New Agencies and New Providers:  


ATTENTION: If you are interested in becoming a contracted EI agency or independent contractor with RMHS for Early Intervention, please FIRST contact the Therapy Manager. Email:

  • EI New Agency Add Form

    • This form is used for new EI Provider agencies to assist in the contracting process.

  • EI Practitioner Add/Exit Form

    •  ADD: This form is completed to add a new EI provider. Before filling out this form, please reach out to Therapy Manager to inquire about adding your provider. You will also be required to fill out a provider questionnaire prior to being considered for credentialing.

    • EXIT: This form is also utilized to notify RMHS that you have a provider leaving your practice. Please remember to send this in if an EI Provider leaves your agency!​​



Please Note: Full functionality of these forms may not be supported by your web browser. Please download the document to your computer for use.

EI Provider Newsletters

Click here to subscribe to the EI Newsletter. You can always modify your subscription or unsubscribe easily.



Use the links below to access to our Vimeo for past office hours and recorded trainings and also archived presentations:

Billing Resources


Early Intervention Resources & Global Outcomes

Report Templates:

*These report templates work best when opened and completed in Microsoft Word. If you have technical issues, please contact us:

Contact Information:


Early Intervention Program 



Revenue Cycle Department


Revenue Cycle Billing Questions:

Revenue Cycle Dept.: Lindsey Hausman (Revenue Cycle Manager)

Reporting Concerns


Early Intervention: Amanda Pedrow (EI Program Manager)

303-704-9249 |

Clinical/Provider Related: Danielle Castle (Therapy Manager)

720-653-5648 |

Contracts, Credentialing, Compliance: Erika Smith (Compliance and Contracts Manager)

Contracts: 303-636-5839 |

Credentialing: 303-636-5839 |

Compliance:  303-636-5839 |

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