The intent of this page is to share information and resources with the Program Approved Service Agencies (PASAs) and subcontractors (i.e., those individuals or businesses who have signed a contract with Rocky Mountain Human Services) that provide direct services to our customers. RMHS relies on the skills, expertise, and commitment of dedicated PASAs and subcontractors to deliver direct services that make a difference in our customer’s lives each day. RMHS strives to facilitate communication with all direct service providers and share the resources, updates, and news that relate to processes and changes involving the service delivery system.

We rely on PASAs and subcontractors to provide us feedback on our services, and provide ideas on how we can best partner with you and best support your work. Please read our e-newsletter, explore the information on this website, and provide us with your comments to help us improve.

If you are interested in becoming a Host Home Provider, please visit our Potential Host Home Provider Page.

E-Newsletter for our Providers

Employees from across the organization collaborate to publish a monthly e-newsletter that includes important reminders, policy changes, contacts, and information specifically for you! You can read many of the articles on our website or sign up to have the newsletter delivered to your inbox each month.

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Policies, Program, and PASA Specific Information

In addition to the newsletter, specific information for EI Subcontractors, Host Home Providers, the Life Essentials Provider Network (LEPN), and PASAs is available by clicking on the navigation bar to the left.

All subcontractors and PASAs are responsible for knowing and following the policies and regulations related to the services they bill through RMHS (if applicable). For information on the rules that pertain to services for individuals with developmental disabilities, including waiver services, please visit the Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF) website.

Providers who are interested in becoming a PASA should visit the State of Colorado’s website and complete a letter of intent to receive and application.

Upcoming Events

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