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Case Management: Improving Outcomes, Improving Care

American Case Management Association Designates Oct. 7–13 as National Case Management Week

Making 20 phone calls, traveling dozens of miles to meetings, spending many hours creating service plans and documenting progress, and balancing the needs of 10 families – this is a typical glimpse into an average work day for one of the approximately 80 case managers at Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS).

These talented, dedicated men and women provide each person on their case load with the support, care coordination and resource management necessary to achieve goals, live as independently as possible and reach their full potential.

To recognize and celebrate the work of these professionals, the American Case Management Association (ACMA) has designated Oct. 7–13, 2018, as National Case Management Week.

According to the ACMA, this year’s theme, “Case Management: Improving Outcomes, Improving Care,” was chosen to “recognize the impact professionals in case management make every day.”

Please help us recognize the RMHS case managers. Share your thanks with them today by posting a comment on our Facebook page.

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