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Period Kits Partners with RMHS to Increase Impact

Rocky Mountain Human Services Staff Will Distribute Period Kits Throughout Colorado to Promote Access to Sanitary Products

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A new Denver-based nonprofit, Period Kits, started with lived experience – founder Ashley Beirne was once homeless and had to choose between buying tampons or buying food. She chose the tampons.

For Ashley’s birthday in 2018, she wanted to put together 300 bags filled with three months’ worth of sanitary period products for those experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty. She achieved that goal with the help of many friends, including Geoff Davis, and then decided to move to Utah with her husband.

Geoff, who has a long history in the nonprofit sector, saw how great the need was for these kits, so he kept it going. Today, he is the Director of Period Kits. Geoff works with local businesses and volunteers to continue creating period kits and connects with nonprofits to help distribute them.

Rocky Mountain Human Services partnered with Period Kits in November, starting by distributing 20 period kits to veterans experiencing homelessness throughout the state. Homes for All Veterans, a program of RMHS, has staff in five cities in Colorado that regularly do street outreach and can give the kits to those who need them most. The kits include:

  • 20 pads

  • 20 liners

  • 40 tampons

  • Six pairs of underwear

  • Sanitary wipes

The Community Transitions Department at RMHS also connects with people that could use the kits. The department, which includes the Momentum Program and the Transition Specialist Program, supports children and adults recovering from mental health and/or substance use disorders as they transition to community living from a variety of care settings. Individuals served through both programs may lack financial stability and period kits can help meet their needs.

RMHS partners with community, state and federal organizations and agencies to create strong, inclusive communities where everyone can take part. Collaborating with Period Kits helps to promote Coloradan’s access to sanitary products in the hopes that no one ever has to choose between food and tampons like Ashley did.

Period Kits holds community fundraising and kit-building events throughout the Denver Metro Area. To participate, check the Period Kits Facebook page for upcoming events.

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