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Introducing New Board Member Stewart Lundy

Stewart Lundy appointed to the RMHS Board of Directors beginning April.

The Rocky Mountain Human Services Board of Directors this month appointed Stewart Tucker Lundy to a three-year term of service on the board.

Mr. Lundy is a graduate of Howard University, and he brings a broad and deep history of community service to the RMHS board.

  • Mr. Lundy is a board member and actor for the Phamaly Theatre Company.

  • He served for six years on Blueprint Denver, a city planning, land use and transportation task force.

  • He served as a commissioner on the Denver Commission for Persons with Disabilities for five years.

Mr. Lundy was appointed to the RMHS Board for a three-year term beginning April 1, 2021 and ending March 31, 2024.

RMHS is thrilled to welcome Mr. Lundy to the board!

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