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John Wetherington, RMHS Chief Financial Officer Announces Retirement

John Wetherington

Rocky Mountain Human Services’ Chief Financial Officer John Wetherington recently announced his retirement, effective Dec. 4. 

Mr. Wetherington has been a force of nature at RMHS, achieving more on behalf of the organization than could have been imagined. Mr. Wetherington joined RMHS as Chief Financial Officer in August 2015, with an impressive resume and a long to-do list ahead of his. At the time, RMHS was facing financial challenges and the task of rebuilding relationships with customers, employees, funders and the public. From the start, Mr. Wetherington’s actions dramatically increased the organization’s competencies and started RMHS on the road toward greater financial stability. 

“I’ve said many times that we are standing today because of his work during that crisis,” said Ms. Repinski. Today, RMHS is a leader in human services and owes Mr. Wetherington a great debt for his dedication to our turn-around, his focus on a results-oriented strategy, his vision, competency development and his contributions toward the creation of a new, overall organizational culture of accountability and compliance. In response to Mr. Wetherington’s announcement, RMHS has released a job description and posting for a Chief Financial Officer. With guidance from the RMHS Board of Directors, RMHS will be organizing a search committee to help select the best candidate to continue to move RMHS forward.

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